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Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Living with erectile dysfunction can be challenging. Not only does it make getting and staying intimate tricky, but also it is a blow to your confidence. You may go through any range of emotions just after getting this diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your sex life. You can still get intimate while taking medication to manage your ED. Consider a few tips on living with ED:

· Be straight up about it: You’ve got nothing to hide; millions of men have to deal with it. When you are dating someone new and you reach that point where it is time to be intimate, then you should feel comfortable enough to mention it. Just say that you have it, but through your good friend “apcalis” you don’t have any problems in that department. Or you can explain that you have a simple apcalis oral jelly product that makes being intimate a ton of fun, your new love will feel comfortable about it just because you do.

· Incorporate it into your sex life: Make taking the pill fun and do a countdown. You might have your significant other give it to you and say a sexy “Bottoms up” and then you can make foreplay last until it is time for the Generic Cialis to being taking effect.
· Don’t shy away from it: Yes, you take apcalis to control your ED; or you use apcalis oral jelly to deal with your ED. So what…many guys do and it is those that take their generic Cialis and are confident about how well it works that do well managing and living with ED. People don’t shy away from those that are confident, so you can still have a comfortable and confident love life with ED; living with it doesn’t have to be a romantic death sentence in any way.

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