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Tips on Getting Intimate with ED

So you’ve finally settled in for an evening of intimacy with your love. Perhaps it is someone new that you’ve been courting and are finally ready to take that next step. Or, it could be an old love, someone that you’ve come to know as well physically as you do yourself. Whatever the case, erectile dysfunction (ED) often threatens to derail those moments. And if you are taking a drug like Generic Cialis, or evening an apcalis oral jelly product, then you don’t quite know how to work it in without ruining the moment. Consider a few tips to ensure that you stay ready for action no matter what:

· Take your apcalis pill before you are ready to get started, but not too early: If you’ve already gone to dinner and you feel the evening taking a more physical turn, slip into the kitchen and get a glass of water to pop your pill. Better to take it now and have this small interruption than to do so when you are already in the throes of passion.
· Make it fun: Ask your significant other to apply the apcalis oral jelly for you, if you are comfortable with one another. A first date is not likely to be willing to do this.
· Let the evening flow naturally after taking your generic Cialis pill: Once you’ve popped that little yellow pill, then let the evening flow as it might. Once your significant other sees you’re ready for action, the fact that you even have ED will be far from your mine - and theirs.

ED doesn’t need to be the end of your love life in the physical sense; particularly not when you’ve got a way to address it and you can incorporate your medication into the evening in a discreet - or in the case of the apcalis oral jelly, not so discreet - way.

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